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Documenting a wedding itself is very demanding. It often takes 12 or more hours of coverage whereby you have to be creative virtually every second. But wedding photography doesn’t stop when the wedding ends. Then come the culling as well as editing. It is probably the area where event photographers invest the majority of their time and also the job they like the least. Fortunately , retouching businesses exist and may lighten if not eliminate that portion of their work entirely. I left the switch for my wedding organization, and that I share my experience with you here as well as why you must give it a try too. Why Outsource? The first years of businesswe typically do everything ourselves and with reason, so we think. We don’t to have enough liquidity to be able to employ somebody, we would like to learn, and often we do not envision anyone can do a better job than us. But, every one these reasons are far from the truth. The money aspect is just about the least true. The many hours spent retouching are precious hours you do not spend locating new clients to fill your agenda or supporting your camera working to get a client or enhancing your abilities. For wedding photographers get your life back by outsourcing your editing | under $300 you may have a wedding culled and edited, ready to be sent to your brides and grooms. Unless you’re very fast, I’d guess that the same job will eat up to two days of the time. Imagine for a minute everything you might do in 2 days: how many places you can call to request referrals, just how many blog articles you could get ready to boost your SEO, how many mails you could send out to potential clients, or how many videos or books you could read/watch to learn and refining your craft. These are all things wedding photographers tend to perform during their offseason, however imagine if you can really do it all year while taking more customers, making more money, and having more free time? We also like to believe that it’s very important to know to do everything. While it’s true that with a basic understanding of stuff before outsourcing them, it’s crucial to focus on what we do best. If you wish to focus on wedding photography, then don’t concentrate on conducting a wedding photography business. Do the photography part of your small business and outsource up to the other jobs as possible, retouching included. Retouching and photography are two very different jobs