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This just saves me time using the Keysearch, I just invested a monthly fee with Keysearch and can’t wait for my blog to grow. As a reader, I would only be interested in what I could do in 4 days. As a content creator, I’d be looking at what I could rank for and creating from there. So although we create speaking Google’s language, we also think about the reader. Take my Peru guides for example – I have a XYZ weeks itinerary which is extremely detailed and touches upon everything you need to know about travelling in Peru. Then I link internally to all of my Peru posts – destinations, restaurants, accommodation, activities, etc.

This content used to be free but was put behind a paywall. When you search for queries on Google, this extension pulls up the search trends which can be useful but best used via Google Trends directly. Great for expanding our ideas and angles that we can explore but useless for moving forward with keyword research. You can also scroll to the bottom of the search results and you will see the ‘searches related to…’ section. While we recommend paying for the affordable Keyword research tool, Keysearch, we’re going to take you through a couple of free options so you can compare free versus premium software. There is an easy solution for this keyword problem though, you have to narrow the topic down.

If the competitor has a lot of Russia content – more than your own site – it might also be difficult to outrank them. It’s generally better to write in-depth and go wide than write thinly about lots of different topics.

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You can use the ‘filter’ option to refine your search and also the categories at the top such as volume to organise the results better. The goal is to find a keyword that is high in volume but low in difficulty. In the graph below, you can clearly see from my Google Analytics where I started implementing SEO on my travel site. Believe me, you are going to want to do more keyword research than that once you see how easy it is to do and how quickly it can increase traffic to your website. Moz’s free level does not tell you much about your competitors, like other paid software, like Keysearch, and the monthly search volume is not exact.

What you write might not correctly target that intent, so Google can’t read what the content is about. Sometimes that means tweaking the angle of your post so it is best to do keyword research before you start typing anything. So now we’ve established what ranking on page 1 of Google can mean for your brand and bank account, let’s take a look at the important terms you need to understand before diving into keyword research. Then we’ll unpack what keyword research is and how to do it using Keysearch.

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Another good option is ElasticSearch, often used in analytical querying and grouping due to its aggregation and percolation features. A module for integration with Drupal – elasticsearch connector – supports a faceted search, integration with watchdog, autocomplete and location features. Anyway, Crawler Search Engine may be another good and cheap solution that can reduce a database server load. Summing up all the above, in this article, we covered several approaches to organizing a search on a Drupal site. On the other hand, these engines may be difficult to deploy if your website is hosted on standard shared PHP/MySQL hosting, some of them may require you to install additional libraries.

  • There are a ton of apps on the market today that are designed to help small business owners manage their businesses.
  • Agile CRM is a All-in-One CRM with Java Sales, Marketing and Service automation in single platform.
  • There are apps for invoicing, apps for time tracking, apps for bill payment, and even apps for paying employees.
  • A good option for smaller businesses as well as sole proprietors, Zoho offers complete accounting capability in an easy-to-use package.

I rank well for the itinerary and also many of the other articles which means I get traffic from lots of articles and I have more authority on the topic than I would if I only have one poor article. If you can’t rank but still want to write it, market it via social media/newsletter/Pinterest. You need to refresh them using the arrow every time you want to track them. Keysearch has a new beta feature available to help assist you while you are either optimising old posts or writing new content. If you select ‘Competitive Analysis‘ at the very top of the page and then ‘Competitor Gap’ you will then be faced with two search bars.


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