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all right so tomorrow like today want me to see more about the ph everything we do this class in fact in the context of the PE all research is being research that’s why before I move on to other things I like to introduce for you what the pH is supposed to be like what you’re supposed to be doing here but the more we see but the name PhD that comes from that drop right now I’m not concerned with this I want to show you that the PhD is in fact nothing but a project the PhD in project management good thing because the pH is the project you start here zero you have your one here to and us three and then what is the unit here do you know what the unit is she knows it is is what words absolutely better this is words now you’re here in three years do you how many were supposed to have written until approximately let’s make it smaller let’s making 60,000 80,000 is a little bit deeper out again now rules concerning research and the book 22 T of your PhD the shorter it can be interesting the more in what numbers are less you need to count the words you put into it for the smaller the number the more quality of the research posts the more words you have to put in your research confuse you of twenty pages in physics is common 50 of 20 pages in art history let’s color so it really depends on the field here well I would say sixty thousand is a pretty good number so over the course of three years you have to go from zero to sixty seven how do you go from zero to sixty seven integral in a year many students believe that they can go like this let me show you let me leave they believe that they can go this way so here now of course this never matter you like that so yeah going strong to set on yours as 20,000 words I have a student legged but you touch with this hey hello I’m back this Christophe still around no surveys no he’s gone so anyway so better another one we wish we had more of those wish had more views like this do you think we have minutes just like that no we don’t we don’t have been interested do you think we have something like this miss the s-curve who things we have an s-curve no in fact we have exactly the opposite we have so many things or why why that’s all yeah yeah well that’s to do with the way the PhD work every year as a meaning I’m going to see that right right away every year with the first year you’re supposed to be doing the literature review supposed to look around right abstracts summarize a literature good thing the new PhD so you should be writing up in fact you should already be writing you don’t know that you should already be writing your page start it yesterday so you write and write and write and write and then at the end of the first year you’re supposed to collect data so you’re almost so much time to write you go around there and you bring data ask people to answer your question research whatever you want to do and well once you finished again maybe right here you start writing again okay so and then you finished so it doesn’t work like what students think they are going to do this we never see still an s-curve actually it’s exactly the administer esker if it stops fast fast rolling and sonia so a slow fast story here is fast slow fast so this is the way you’re supposed to do it means small as you have to do that too in fact the year one mark yeah so really first year going to do this one won’t insist we’re going to start with a broad idea and that’s going to be reduced to way smaller topic you’re going to reduce your subject we see how to control subject more you are going to reduce your subject into a matter of all topic that’s what you’re going to be doing we do the first boys to take you one then when you hear we’re going to stop collecting some information and then you would write your please it is basically what you’ll be doing so you stopped broad narrowing down when you hear there’s a trigger show you tomorrow you open up a little bit when you do the data collection not too much just a little so that you don’t miss anything and then you narrow it down again maybe you’re right okay okay so this basically what you are supposed to do in life you’re supposed to do it you’re supposed to go from here to here that is challenging now many many ways things can go wrong okay taste number one you suddenly fall in love with a new class that you can take here I think