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There are two or three organizations doing LR/PS’film’ presets – of that I think Mastin Labs will be the best. Kirk Mastin has taken a lot of difficulty to shoot different film types, and then reproduce their look for a film preset which can be implemented during RAW conversion in both LR and PS. They come in packs, including Fuji Original, Fuji Pushed, Kodak Everyday, Ilford, Portra Original along with Portra Pushed – using every pack representing the movie mentioned, typically at numerous different ISO rates. The idea is to create the appearance and texture of the original picture, from your RAW file, with the minimum amount of tweaking. Workflow is: open RAW file, correct verticals, lens corrections , use Mastin profile of option, pick any desired options for Shadow Hard/Soft, Highlights Hard/Soft, Grain MF/35mm/Off, then adjust exposure and WB to taste. You get right to a more film like variation of your picture, which you’ll be able to keep as is, or change from there. It’s very beneficial to get a consistent appearance, say to some shoot or sequence of shootsto invoke a movie like nostalgia or influence. Mastin Labs Presets de All of this is doable without the presets of course – they save time, and also possess each of the hard work for you. I also utilize VSCO profiles, which are more numerous, but I don’t believe are as excellent as the Mastin Labs ones. Never the less, they really do produce wonderful results, and so are well worth having a look at. Below are a few samples where I’ve employed the Mastin Labs presets. Nice colour pop from Mastin Labs Kodak Ektar Warm gold tones from Mastin Labs Kodak Gold 200 Blue/Orange Style Split out of Mastin Labs Portra 400 Glossy B&W out of Mastin Labs Kodak Tri-X Beautiful teal/orange tonal divide from Mastin Labs Portra160 nice skin tone lift in Mastin Labs Ilford HP5 Deep tonal range between Mastin Labs Ilford Pan F Classic Fuji skin tones from Mastin Labs Fuji Original 160NS More contrast and punch from Mastin Labs Fuji 400 Pushed Pastel greens from a restricted launch Mastin Labs Fuji 800Z +1 — conceal touch –Your time is limited, so don’t waste it arguing about camera features – go out and capture memories +43 more


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