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I’m a big believer in positive relative strenght as a tool to not only pick a stock or sector but also as a tool to guide you in how long to hold a stock. This site takes this type of strategy a step further by using fundamental data as a key tool in security selection. Excellent service with very good investing options. Andres is extremely helpful and responsive to questions from members. He gives thorough analysis and explanations behind the various portfolio models, as well as being transparent regarding his personal investing strategies.

research driven investor

Of course, the responsibility to shareholders can be violated if that accounting is too aggressive or self-serving . It is an analyst’s job, then, to figure out how much the picture has been improved. If you thought corporate trickery and investor foolishness were isolated to just the bubble years, Kathryn Staley has plenty of stories to share. The Art of Short Selling, published in 1997, is a walk through the who’s who list of corporate collapses of the 1980’s and early 1990’s. A large number of new lows are not enough to turn a market around, though. It needs to “get pointed in the right direction,” writes Hayes. Look for a large number of new weekly highs following a large number of new lows as a strong signal of a reversal.

The book, now in its third edition, has an expanded section on improper revenue recognition, a corporate trend that had its own mini-boom in the late 90’s. Investors who seek shelter in the ratio of price to revenue because ‘it’s difficult to manipulate sales’ will be surprised by the number of ways the top line can be temporarily improved. A company’s top brass works for current shareholders and part of that role is to borrow cheaply. One way to do that is to construct financial statements that put a company in the best light.

He also invests him own money in the portfolio which gives me a lot of confidence. In addition to this stock picking component, the system includes the dynamic hedging mechanism to protect the portfolio in bear markets. In other words, we short the benchmark when the 200-day moving average in such benchmark has a downward slope in the past ten days. Momentum – History has shown that stock prices don’t just reflect fundamentals but also market sentiment as investors pile into favorite names. The core of the service is The Data-Driven Portfolio. This portfolio is updated every week, and it is based on both quantitative and qualitative considerations. This portfolio is actively managed, meaning that I make all the buy and sell decisions, as well as the decisions about when to hedge the portfolio to reduce market risk.

The country was hurt by the trade war last year and is now reeling from the coronavirus. This provides an excuse to the People’s Bank of China and other central banks to pump more liquidity into markets. “This could be a game changer, on a number forex analytics of sectors,” says Cardenal. Cardenal, who has been investing since 2002, uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods. He finds that the quality of a company’s management team to be one metric that can be particularly telling.

Quantitative And Technical Analysis

You can’t always trust conventional wisdom either, says Hayes. For example, strong earnings tend to coincide with poor Black Edge market performance and weak earnings with strong market performance, showing the markets ability to look ahead.

research driven investor

I have been a paid subscriber for about 1 year and plan to renew, it is a very reasonable subscription price for the wealth of information Andres provides thru his email updates and chat posts. I typically follow his buy and sell decisions with my own portfolio because I have come to trust his analysis. I am very happy to recommend this service, I don’t subscribe to any other service. He is a trusted guide in these valuation altitudes that give a traditional investor like myself a nosebleed. I have been subscribing to Andres Cardenal since November 2020 and have made solid returns. Only wish I had started my subscription earlier as I have followed his articles on Seeking Alpha for some time.

Books By Timothy Hayes

Since taking a more active interest in my investments of a cash lump of hard earned money all I had saved from life’s vagaries. I found seeking alpha in June 2020 and subscribed to the Data Driven Investor in November 2020. My portfolio has increased 78% now these are unprecedented times but the cool data driven advice and informative chat room threads have provided a return I never expected and let’s face it, good plain fun. It’s satisfying to risk, and it is a risk to buy stocks but it is satisfying to see that money grow. I have a huge amount to learn and I could not do this without the best qualified advisers.

Do you have a question about the digitization of consumer’s daily lives? As a research-driven investment company, we want to be relevant to you, so please provide us with your questions and remarks. Yourfeedback will help us to drive our research agenda.

research driven investor

To help others experience the gospel in business, please consider a tax-deductible donation to Denver Institute for Faith & Work. Our fund clients receive qualified referrals to make contact with each week. These investors have expressed an interest in their fund type. The cold calling and pre-screening have been done by us, providing our clients with warm referrals. “New York Life Investments” is both a service mark, and the common trade name, of certain investment advisors affiliated with New York Life Insurance Company. This material is provided for education purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice or an offer to sell or the solicitation of offers to buy any security. Opinions expressed herein are current opinions as of the date appearing in this material only.

Not wanting to get left behind, Wal-Mart rushed into the business and now has a competing service. There are bigger textbooks that tackle financial statement analysis, but there may not be a better one. Also, be careful betting against a company with a high return on equity .

The value of investments and the income derived from investments will fluctuate and can go down as well as up. My Workspace Please login to view your portfolio information and client reporting.

Crypto Markets: Economic Prospects And Regulatory Hurdles

The sometimes astronomical prices show the high esteem in which it’s held. Shop carefully, and you can get a reasonable price.

  • Equity securities are more volatile than bonds and greater risks.
  • This portfolio is updated every week, and it is based on both quantitative and qualitative considerations.
  • A large number of new lows are not enough to turn a market around, though.
  • The portfolio is extremely comprehensive, ETF rotation strategies are great.
  • I find that the stock recommendations coming from The Data Driven Investor portfolio are exceptionally well thought out and have a proven track record.
  • Investors are only connected with relevant funds, helping them with manager selection and reducing traffic from unsuitable funds.

This is my first time to have growth stocks with the help of the DDI by Andres Cardenal, after been trying many SA authors. He is very well thought and eager to help everyone’s question. He is brilliant choosing the stocks, but not only that he is very kind and has tons of patience answering questions. We are begging him to have a course but he is too busy. He is great and I am earning tons of money with this service.


Feeling called to lead a more purposeful life, Greg left day-to-day responsibilities at Convergint at the end of 2012. Greg currently serves as a board member for an Impact Engine venture capital fund as well as other several for profit and non-profit boards, all committed to solving social issues. With his personal investments, Greg primarily works with Christian entrepreneurs committed to generating a triple bottom line; spiritual, social and financial results. Married for 36 years to his wife Marybeth, they have three married children and have been blessed with four grandchildren.

research driven investor

Most importantly, I appreciate how Andres acknowledges risk and manages his cash/stock holdings in preparation of a possible correction. Other services just say buy, buy, buy the hot stocks without regard to entry price, risk, and exit point. The service is not an automated algorithm, we operate on the foundation of relationships. We call and listen to investor needs and match them with our fund clients’ characteristics. Investors are only connected with relevant funds, helping them with manager selection and reducing traffic from unsuitable funds. from across the industry, ranging from esoteric, offshore funds to ETFs looking for allocators.

How We Help Funds

Our fund clients encompass the entire spectrum of asset classes, across both private and public markets. Our focus is to provide insight and access to investors who are looking for independent advice on this asset class.


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