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T he deceptive essay business has to be outlawed, leading professors and lords have advocated as statistics obtained by The Telegraph reveal more than 20,000 students are purchasing professionally-written essays each year.

Research performed by Doctor Thomas Lancaster and Robert Clarke, among the UK’s leading specialists in article cheating, has demonstrated that tens of thousands of pupils are buying tailor-made essays through online "essay mills" to be able to bypass plagiarism applications and cheat their way to top-class degrees.

Their findings follow the launch of new statistics from two of the UK’s biggest essay-writing services, demonstrating more than 20,000 students are currently buying professional essays annually – with over a third registered at Russell Group and Oxbridge universities.

Whilst universities operate strict anti-plagiarism systems set up to discover the copying of instructional texts, the process of arrangement adulterous – pupils buying professionally-written essays to submit as engineering dissertation help their own original work – signifies examiners and mark are powerless to stop systemic foul play.

"I believe we’re taking a look at the tip of this iceberg – the real figure is probably closer to 50,000 pupils," he explained.

"Because I started studying this 3 years past the scale of the problem is becoming worse; we’re also now seeing a growing number of British pupils purchasing these essays. We must go after the businesses that are doing so, but we also need to disincentive pupils from utilizing these services. "

This ‘s exactly what we will need to push – so that pupils know that should they purchase essays they’ll be breaking the law. "

T he effort is endorsed by the individual university ruler, the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, that accused essay-writing professional services of participating in widespread "academic fraud. "

Even though a series of Freedom of Information requests lately demonstrated that over 50,000 cases of cheating have already been listed by British universities at the previous 3 decades, Doctor Thomas Lancaster, Associate Dean in Staffordshire University, stated that the true amount participated in contract adulterous might be much greater.

"I believe tens of thousands of pupils are engaged in this kind of arrangement, the problem is that people don’t understand the scale – since they’re not picked up for cheating and a number of these organizations are working beyond the UK," he explained.

W orking in cooperation with Professor Robert Clarke of Birmingham City University, Dr Lancaster has identified 30,000 cases of pupils buying bespoke essays – a number of which have been acquired from India.

He added that the disproportionate quantity of Russell Group pupils involved was probably because of the large number of pupils studying at high universities.

A mong the firm ‘s under fire due to their controversial solutions is UK Essays, possessed by Nottingham-based parent firm All Replies Ltd, that told this paper that international students along with the heavy workloads demanded by leading universities were fuelling the firm ‘s rapid growth.

Providing bespoke essays and dissertations using a "ensured " first course tier, UK Essays charges pupils average charges of 800 and 400 for first pieces of work composed by hundreds of freelance and inhouse personnel in its headquarters in Venture House, Nottingham.

A ccording to the firm ‘s CEO, Daniel Dennehy, the amount of students asking bespoke essays is growing by roughly 2,000 students per year, together with the business now generating earnings of 5m this past year.

Still another is, that admitted it offered essays to several million students in the united kingdom last year of which over five percentage were Oxbridge pupils. The business added that although its traditional client base was largely international students, the amount of UK pupils had improved by a fifth because 2015.

Commenting on the statistics, a spokesman for the Department for Education stated: "Plagiarism isn’t acceptable and represents a definite threat to criteria in our universities.

"We’re looking carefully at the dilemma of plagiarism in Higher Education and are having lively discussions with the industry about what can be done to tackle this improper form of cheating. "