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Playing both, presently, on my Raspberry Pi B 3+ with RetroPie. The secrets (Rainbow Road anybody?), the action, the graphics, the music and more.

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All history lessons aside, Star Fox is still awesome today. There’s just something exciting about flying through giant rings.

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While there were two additional SNES entries in the Mega Man X series, both of which were quite good, none of them achieved the same impact that Mega Man’s SNES debut was able to reach. Although the animations and graphics haven’t aged all that well, they’re still a great amount of nostalgic charm associated with it. And there’s no denying how damn visually impressive this was for its time.

It was GBC emulator easily the peak of the platfoming genre until Mario outdid himself with his first foray into 3D gaming with Super Mario 64. The sheer variety of stages, their themes, and the ways you can play them (swimming, flying, Yoshi-back riding, etc.) make Super Mario World a special one-of-a-kind experience. The late Gunpei Yokoi and his team crafted a moody, suspenseful classic that gave a sense of mystery and impending danger around every corner; quite an accomplishment in the years preceding the 3D revolution. There are many, many outlets that would argue that Super Metroid is the best game ever crafted for the SNES.

As if the intensity of the racing itself wasn’t enough, Super Mario Kart also offered a brilliant battle mode, which let two players face-off in closed, maze-like courses, in a battle for supremacy. ” Things being in “3D” seemed to be all the craze in the early to mid 1990s.

The technology was on the brink, but it just wasn’t quite there yet. So instead of full-blown 3D, we got an awesome 2D platforming game with design elements that made it feel three dimensional. While it might sound archaic and boring by today’s standards, it was a very mind blowing experience in 1994/1995.